What People Are Saying about Hildie . . . .

Hildie's insight and encouragement have pushed my writing to a whole new level.
--Dennis D. Takoma Park, Md.
There's no one better than Hildie at getting a writer through that first difficult, terrifying, seemingly never-ending draft.  It's not just that she knows her stuff, it's also her personality--so nurturing--which every first time novelist needs.  Part mentor, part friend, part cheerleader, she keeps urging you on until the finish line is in sight, and then gently pushes you over.

--Christina K.,, Olney (Christina's book The Cut-away will be out in March 2017 from Atria/Simon and Shuster in several countries! TV right have been sold to the same people who made "Homeland")

Hildie has mentored me as a writer from the beginning, when I had an idea and didn't know where to start. She's the most powerful reviewer I've ever worked with, offering suggested edits that not only improve the writing but also make the story stronger. She's encouraging and understanding, but unafraid of holding me to my goals and potential. I wouldn't be the same writer if I hadn't worked with Hildie.

--Shelby H., Bethesda, Md (Shelby just won the Bethesda Magazine short story contest!  Yay Shelby!  CHeck out her BEAUTIFUL blog and author page here!)

Hildie’s workshops gave me both the practical advice and emotional support I needed to finally begin to write in a serious way. Her advice, encouragement and coaching helped me complete my novel, publish a collection of short stories and land an agent. I am truly grateful!

--Raima L., Arlington, Va and Raima's new collection of short stories Gates of Heaven is available from Amazon.

Hildie Block has been my mentor for the past five years. I have taken many of her classes, including her “Write Your Book” workshop, which helped me finish my first novel. She is unflagging in her encouragement and respectful of her students’ creations. Her critiques have helped me refine my work and grow as an author.  Not only has she taught me about writing, but she has introduced me to a wonderful group of fellow writers.

--Patricia M., Falls Church, Va
(check out Patricia's platform to help promote her book A Monkey's Tale -- a humorous forum where you can ask the God Hanuman questions about life and ?)
Writing is personal and Hildie has always helped me--with enthusiasm, I might add--with advice tailored to the way I write. From Harry Potter to the Hunger Games, from The Amazing Transparent Barbie (my next book) to the Great Gatsby, from the contemporary literary novel to the local DC writing scene; Hildie speaks your genre.

For me, writing is like an onion, peel one layer—and well, you know. Hildie has given me an appreciation of the story as layers that all need to work together. Arc, narration, dialogue, characterization, but, I mean, what makes them a story anyway? She is a real student of the story and she's helped me become one, too.

Publication is part of Hildie's fluency, too. Yeah, it's scary, but she'll hold your hand through the process. Whether hunting down an agent, self-publishing, or considering something new: she's current or will know where to look.

--- Jim B., Falls Church, Va
I never would have written and finished a memoir without Hildie's workshops, guidance, encouragement, and personal attention. She's an excellent mentor, cheerleader, and friend.

Laurie Turner, Herndon, Va
Check out Laurie's really fun and "real" blog on life, love and parenting "Life up close" . . .  Lauriesnowturner.com
Hildie Block's "Structuring the Novel" was especially good.  She provided individualized attention, and wasn't afraid to force a subject change when one class member tried to turn the workshop into group therapy.  As those of you who have taken writing workshops know, this happens with some frequency. A poor instructor will allow it to ruin the course for everyone. 

-- Andrea U., Oakton, Va
(on Yelp, referring to a Writer's Center workshop.  A version of this course will be offered in Fall 2013 for NaNoWriMo participants -- sign up now!)

Hildie is the most inspiring, creative, and thoughtful mentor imaginable - and amazing at nurturing talent.She has her finger on the pulse of the literary world and is happy to share what she knows. Propelled by a passion for writing and writers, she’ll inspire you to become your best. 

--Malve B., Fair Oaks, Va

One of the best things about a writing class from Hildie Block is that it comes with a lifetime personal service contract at no extra charge.  Anytime I have a question about agents, publishing or advancing my career, Hildie is always ready to respond with help.

A second thing, very important to a person of my sensibilities, is that Hildie is kind.  In this modern world, in the teaching and study of writing, I cannot overstate the importance of kindness.  A little bit makes a big difference. 

Finally, one of my big thrills about taking classes from Hildie was getting published.  I think it was the second  prompt she put up in a class, “Ice.”  Just the one word.  I seized on it and wrote for 15 minutes.  I liked what I’d done and stuck with it.  And eventually, it became my second published short story (Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2012).


—Harley Mazuk, http://harleymazuk.blogspot.com/  and here's Harley's blog post on how he came up with the story "Ice." (Harley signed with an agent in fall 2012 for his mystery novel White with Fish, Red with Murder  is out from Driven Press in Feb 2017)
Hildie's helpful guidance and support were instrumental for me in creating my foundational outline, crafting a narrative arc, and  preparing the first draft for my published book. She is a patient, caring, and thought-provoking writing mentor.

--Tom B., Virginia  and Tom's book Order on the Court -- a really consummate read on Beach Volleyball is available from Amazon.
I don’t think I’ve ever belonged to a class or workshop where every single student improved the way every single student in Hildie’s workshop did. Beginners found their voices and long-time writers added to their writing toolboxes. Hildie has a knack for knowing just what kind of nudging, coaxing, cajoling, or downright pushing we each need to help us reach our writing goals.

-- Kaaren C., Alexandria, Va (Kaaren signed with an agent in July 2012, her novel Decorum came out for Kensington Press in March 2015)