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Hildie S. Block

Hildie's been teaching writing since finishing her masters in writing at Johns Hopkins in 1995.  Starting at George Washington University in 1996, she soon moved to American University in 1999 where she taugnt until 2003, and has recently returned. 

Since then she's focused mostly on supporting "home cooks" with their creative writing endeavors -- from elementary school through retirement!  Great ideas come at every age!

After several years with the Writer's Center, she started Hildie Block's 2006.  For years she watched folks, including herself, struggle with only being able to "workshop" the beginnings of novels and memoirs in a classroom setting -- and then having to start over with a new group and either start at page one again or say, "Uh, here's what you missed."  The Year-Long Write Your Book workshop is now taking registrations for its 8th year, and has alumni classes as well for folks who still want more support.

She's the author of over 50 published short stories, many essays and articles, and her book Not What I Expected debuted back in 2007.  In January 2012, she took her award winning short story "Peaple" and made into a KIndle and Nook download -- just to try the process of creating a ebook.  

You can find Hildie's philosophy on writing here: 

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